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Flash, the Cowboy

A Cowboy's Home

A cowboys' home is sometimes the location of his horse, packing the sum-total of  his worldly belongings.
His friends are whomever he comes across in his travel through life that show him the same respect he
shows  them.

I've created this page to honor those who most likely will never find their way here to peruse with some
trepidation, the words and images on this page with some measure of awe.  Cowboys don't use computers
much, but this one does, and many others do!  Most cowboys dont' easily embrace what they cannot come
to some understanding of  in no more than 2-3 seconds, but their respect for something grand never wavers.

I haven't fully decided what I'll do with this here site, I have so much respect for other more accomplished
sites.  I'll show you a bit of my art, a few witticisms, inform you of  some important things in my life (my
scorekeeping and attending rodeos), some breathtaking photography, and who knows maybe you'll
be enriched somehow.  This is my wish for you, anyway.

Some wild Horses my friend Valarie photographed                       Steer Rider in KC, MO 1999                     Do you get the message?

HEY RODEO FANS:  Next Rodeo Up:  Las Vegas, NV March 3-5, 2000.


Flash, the Cowboy
In the Big Middle of NOWHERE,  KS  USA...
....just before you get LOST!

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