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April, 2000
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I never really wanted the purpose of this site to be a way for guys to meet me.  I am a recently single man who is only looking for friends right now but I'm open to whatever life has in store for me. If you gotta know, I'm 6'2", around 260 and losing weight these days, am burly but fit, furry all over, dark blond hair, big moustache, and have blue eyes.
I am decidedly NOT looking for anything but a good friend if he happens to cross trails with me.  My purpose for this site is to celebrate cowboys and the western/country way of life.

I am a transplanted Kansan, living most of my adult life in Texas, my home of choice, being an air force brat.  I have been many places on the planet we call home, but it's always struck me with awe...the feeling of my roots calling me home to Texas.  How I got to be located in the "middle of nowhere" Kansas is a long story, and I'm not sure how I'd go about tellin that story.  My mother's family was one of the first settlers in Llano county to have a native stone house, which still stands today.  A creek still bears her family name.  Much history could I chant to you over a campfire about my family, my history, my roots.

I have been involved with rodeo since the early 1980's.  I started off in the IGRA, having been a member of the Texas and Kansas GRA's.  I currently hope to renew my certification as scorekeeper,  because I love travelling to rodeos and keepin in touch with all the old friends.  I have been very interested in WCRA
(working cowboy ranch association) rodeos.  I think this is what rodeo is all about...what it started out being before big business commercialized it into a sport.

I recently spoke with an Advocate reporter and during the interview I felt obligated to explain that I am a man first, a cowboy second, and gay third.  It has always struck me a little strange, the priorities folks assign themselves in life.  Seems most of the "gay" folk I been around, are all wrapped up in being gay.  It's important to feel good about who you are, but my experience has been that being "gay" is just the tiniest part that makes up the whole individual.

Here are some images that should make you think!

Bob Kitty
Kitty Cowboy